Attract Sickness or Wellness -- it's up to you

As you know, optimal health includes physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Pass this on to a friend or loved may result in a turning point necessary for a positive change in someone's life - even yours.

How to Attract Illness

Avoid making any changes which would bring greater satisfaction and joy into your life.

Shun anything that resembles humor. Remember that life is a serious struggle and is no laughing matter.

Do not express your feelings and views openly and honestly. Other people wouldn't appreciate it. If at all possible, avoid even knowing what you're feelings are.

Blame other people for all your problems.

Fill your mind with dreadful thoughts and then become obsessed with them. Worry about the future often, if not all the time.

Be resentful, critical and judgmental of everyone around you, especially yourself.

Do lots of things you don't like and avoid doing what you really want. Follow everyone else's opinion and advice, while feeling miserable and stuck.

Don't pay any attention to your body. Eat plenty of junk food, don't exercise and drink lots of soda, sports drinks, Red Bulls and tap water. Sleep less than 6 hours every night. Smoke and drink. If you are stressed and tired, ignore it. Just keep pushing yourself.

If you are sick, go see lots of different doctors; run from one to another; spend half your day in waiting rooms; get lots of conflicting opinions and treatment; start one program after another without sticking to any. Take lots and lots of drugs. Be helpless and uninformed.

How to Maintain Wellness or Improve Health, Even If you’ve been Sick

Do things that bring you a sense of fulfillment, joy purpose and validate your self-worth. See your life as being your own creation and strive to make it a positive one.

Pay close and loving attention to yourself, tuning into your needs on all levels. Nurture and encourage yourself.

Release all negative emotions, especially resentment, envy, fear, sadness and anger. Express your feelings appropriately and authentically; don't hold onto what does not serve you.

Hold positive goals in your mind; images of what you truly want in your life.

Love yourself unconditionally and do your best to love everyone else. Make this love the primary expression in your life. Create fun, loving, honest, authentic relationships, allowing for the expression and fulfillment of your needs.

Nourish yourself with whole, fresh, nutrient-rich organic foods as Nature provided, not processed foods out of a box or can. Put love into the preparation of those foods. Drink pure water, exercise daily and treat your body with respect, honor and love.

See yourself as God sees you.

Enjoy the unconditional love, dedication, companionship and joy of sharing your life with a furry friend.

Make a commitment to your health and well being. Believe that your body can heal itself.

Develop a natural wellness program, drawing on the advice and wisdom of professionals you respect and trust.

Accept yourself and everything in your life as an opportunity for growth and learning. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, learn what you can from the experience, and move on without regrets.

Most importantly, be grateful for the abundance and blessings in your life. Give thanks for all you have and for the beautiful person you are. You are the thoughts of God -- an absolute miracle. Treat yourself as such.


  1. Hilarious! "Fill your mind with dreadful thoughts, and then become obsessed with them!" I do that! :) So eloquent - thank you for this.

  2. Gina the Wise,

    How delightful and pithy this blog post is! I love your sense of humor and how it flavors your message.

    Let's play again really soon!

    Assorted mush,
    Molly Burke, CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    "Confidence on tap. Care for a wee dram?"